Pop Out: The Lab


This room is for you who wants to ace your game when preforming in front of any audience.


The Lab is HCPO's tool to help you practice, experiment and develop your strategic profile when creating relationships for your company or brand. This is a hightech enviroment specifically adapted for your arena. Everything is monitored, filmed and recorded in order to provide you with the best possible material and feedback. In this way we can help you develop a strategic profile for your presentation.

We live in a very public enviroment, where your brand often will be affected by you and companys apperance.

We'll help you brand your level of service in all of your company's relations.

We will adapt the Lab for you, depending on your needs and requests. No matter if you are prepping for a board meeting, a company mingle or a big speech, we will help you get comfortable for any situation.

Pop Out: Public Pocket


Wouldn't it be nice to know how your audience learn? Yeah?! We think so to!


Pop Out Pocket is our application wich will help you better understand how your audience receives information. This allows you to frame your message so that you can maximize their experience.

Maybe you are a teacher, a lecturer or a professional speaker? Then you easily can use our application to find out more how your audience learns, right there, in the room!

This is still a work in progress. We don't even know if this is the name for it! But please, feel free to contact us with any futher questions. We will update you shortly!

Pop Out: The package


We package your company's profile, deliver it and bring your customers to you when you have the time.


You'll still have time to take care of your day to day business. We'll make sure your customers is well attended, dined and in the right mindset for your meeting. You don't need to worry about anything. Our goal is to represent you and your company in the best way possible.

This is for you who deals with international partners or just needs a couple of extra hands to handle the valuable hours of representation.

We also help you screen your surroundings for ways to package your brand and make it part of an explicit experience!


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Tel: (+46) 731 51 55 48



Our customers have the happiest customers.


Let us help you package your brands representation.

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